Performing Arts Division of the National Federation of the Blind

Find out what's going on with the national office of the Performing Arts Division of the National Federation of the Blind.

The 2011 NFB Convention

The 2011 national convention is coming. This year it will be held in Orlando FL. The division’s 2011 project is the Sound in Sight Vol 2 CD. Check back for more details as the convention gets closer.


Sound in Sight: Volume 2

We are now accepting submissions for Sound in Sight Volume 2! Like our first album, the money that we raise from the album will go to our scholarship and other programs that will help further the goals of blind artists. If you would like to submit a song to be considered for the album, you have until March 1, 2011. Please send in or upload your professional recordings in .wav format, but if that is not possible high quality MP3’s will be accepted. To submit to this project, you must be blind or visually impaired. The tracks you submit must be of a professional quality and ready for album placement. Due to the fact that this is a project meant to raise money, the division is unable to pay for any studio time that you may need. However, we may be able to refer you to studios. Call our offices for more details. 347-948-4445. We strongly encourage submissions of original tracks, and we ask that if possible, the tracks be 5 minutes or less in length. You can submit songs in a few ways. You can fill out our submission form You can send the submissions and your contact info to or

You can also mail us your submission and contact info. The address to send in your submissions is:

Brooke Fox
PO Box 4203 New York, NY 10163

If you have questions, please call 347-948-4445 or send a message to

Indiana student wins division scholarship

In July 2010, we awarded our Mary Anne Parks Performing Arts scholarship to a student in Indiana. Ignasi Cambra won $1,000 and atended the convention in Dallas TX. He is a blind pianist who is a senior majoring in performance at the University of Indiana (Bloomington) Jacobs School of Music. The scholarship was named in honor of the division’s late secratary who died in 2007. The division hopes to give another scholarship in 2012.

Hello all

Welcome to the blog for the Performing Arts Division of the National Federation of the Blind. Note: From now on, we will refer to the Performing Arts Division as PAD. PAD is a division created by the blind and for the blind. The National Federation of the Blind is a nonprofit organization established and ran by blind individuals with over 50000 members. The PAD was formed in 2000, and has done a lot since it’s inception. Firstly, the PAD represents all blind individuals interested in the peforming arts, whether that be theater, mmusic, comedy, writing and much more. If it’s an art, it’s under our umbrella. PAD has also released the first CD of it’s kind, Sound in Sight Vol. 1. The CD is a compilation of various artists who are blind from around the nation; 18 in all. From gospel to latin, from country to blues, and even a bit of hip-hop. Don’t get it twisted, the Performing Arts Division is not a record label. We are here to help blind artists network with one another and to promote the spread of performing blind artists throughout the nation. The division is now working on creatinjg state affiliates to help people in specific states network with one another as far as the Performing Arts are concerned. Our president, Dennis Sumlin, runs our national office in New York. The state affiliate of Georgia has just been created, with Derik Tuff in the presidency. The Performing Arts Division is also doing more to reach out to others through it’s social network outreach office. Gary Kammerer, your blog host, is manager of this office. We also have a public relations office ran by Donna Hill. Our three national board members are Anthony Evans, Jordy Stringer, and your social network outreach manager, Gary Kammerer.

The PAD has a twitter page. You can follow us on twitter by visiting:

You can also find us on facebook as well. Our MySpace campaign has been doing well until recently, when the blogging interface of the sight became inaccessible to it’s blind users, so, we’ve found a new home on wordpress. We’ll keep you updated with the latest info on the Performing Arts Division of the National Federation of the Blind.